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Les arts et les sciences

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Here at the MultimediaWiki we catalog as many technical details as we can about video and audio codecs. This goes for current codecs such as VC-1 as well as classic codecs like Cinepak that still enjoy widespread use. See the following categories for comprehensive lists: Video Codecs, Video FourCCs, Audio Codecs, and Audio FourCCs.

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Les (vieux) systèmes et la culture du libre


There is more to multimedia technology than just the audio and video codecs. Container formats are responsible for organizing the data on disk and network protocols are in charge of sending the data over the internet. There is a plethora of subtitle formats that display textual information along with video. And do not discount the wide array of game-related formats that helped pioneer the field.

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L'école et la culture enfantine

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The MultimediaWiki is also a place where we catalog information about specific multimedia-related companies and programs. Further, we seek to document various multimedia APIs.

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Sciences, techniques et société

One goal of the MultimediaWiki is to open up the field of multimedia technology to a wider audience of multimedia hackers. To that end, the Wiki hosts articles on compression theory and facilitates research into software reverse engineering techniques. It also attempts to catalog which multimedia formats have yet to be discovered and documented.

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