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File Format
Name DBF
Extension(s) .dbf, others
LoCFDD fdd000325
PRONOM x-fmt/9, others
Kaitai Struct Spec dbf.ksy

DBF is a family of database file formats associated with the dBase, FoxBase, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro lines of database software.


Format Version PRONOM Remarks
dBASE Database II x-fmt/8
dBASE Database III x-fmt/9 Refer to dBase III
dBASE Database III+ x-fmt/271
dBASE Database IV x-fmt/10
dBASE Database V x-fmt/272
dBASE for Windows database 5.0 x-fmt/380
FoxPro Database 2.x fmt/373
FoxPro Database 2.0 x-fmt/6
FoxPro Database 2.5 x-fmt/7
FoxPro Database 2.6 x-fmt/242
Visual FoxPro Database Table File 5.0 fmt/374

The PRONOM database includes many other DBF-based formats, not listed above.


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