ScreenShot Hack

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File Format
Name ScreenShot Hack
Extension(s) .pdb

ScreenShot Hack (also spelled ScreenShotHack; some versions are apparently just named ScreenShot) is a utility which makes screen shots on a Palm OS device

Some or all versions make use of an API (or something like that) supplied by an application called "Hack Master". ScreenShot Hack is one of a whole family of "Hack" programs.

ScreenShot Hack stores captured images in a file named ScreenShotDB.pdb, which is presumably the format supported by third-party utilities that support ScreenShot Hack format. This file is presumably a type of Palm OS Database file, perhaps similar to the TealPaint or Palm Database ImageViewer formats. ScreenShot Hack came with a Windows utility to convert the files to Windows-accessible formats.