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Sony is a Japanese electronics company that was founded as an electronics shop called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation) in Tokyo in 1946. In 1958, the company name was changed to Sony.

Together with Philips, Sony authored most of the Compact Disc specifications, including CD Digital Audio (a.k.a. Red Book) and CD-ROM (a.k.a. Yellow Book). Sony entered the computer market in Japan in the 1980s when it began manufacturing MSX computers. After Nintendo broke a 1988 contract with Sony to develop a CD add-on for the Nintendo Super Famicom by instead partnering with Philips, Sony further developed their prototype into what would become the PlayStation. Sony entered the video game console market with the PlayStation in 1994, and have been in that market ever since, releasing the PlayStation 2 in 2000, the PlayStation Portable in 2004, PlayStation 3 in 2006, the PlayStation Vita in 2011 and the PlayStation 4 in 2013.

Sony also has several game studios and publishes video games. They published the PlayStation versions of Broken Sword and Broken Sword II in Europe.

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